THE PROTECTORS: An interplanetary organization dedicated to defending mortalkind from the likes of Kava, the Emissary of the Void. 

KAVA, the Emissary of the Void: A mysterious creature supposedly created of nothingness.

 ??? "HIRO" HAYAMA: A young boy with dreams of becoming an archaeologist and historian. He is ever the optimist, and was wordlessly voted in as the leader of his peers. His optimism can sometimes blind him to the harshness of reality.

 CRIS GERHARDT: A young child who more often than not identifies as a girl and dreams of becoming a member of the Protectors. She is armed with a strong sense of justice and undying loyalty to her loved ones. She is stubborn to an ungodly degree and just as arrogant.

 RANA ERYNS: A young boy who dreams of becoming a writer in a world where his loved ones can exist without fear. Despite seeing more than any child should, he continues to persevere. Although he would prefer to be known as a realist over a pessimist, his cynicism can sometimes get the better of him.
 AL EMERSON: A gentle giant of a boy with dreams of becoming a mechanic. Although his heart is just as grand as his gut, his size oftens intimidates others, and his softness works against him; his anxieties cannot be quelled by his few friends alone.

 KIMIKO HAYAMA: An ex-member of the Protectors. Despite having left in order to raise Hiro, she still stays in contact with the other Protectors, and answers to calls to duty nearby their home.

 BEN HAYAMA: A Gunman in the Protectors, and Kimiko's step-son. His optimism was a large influence for Hiro's own, though he is well aware of how often reality can crush one's expectations.

 KIARA AMBER: A Brawler in the Protectors. She started her career as a professional boxer, where she spread a message of perseverance and to aim for the top no matter how many people tell you to give up.

 FARAI MOTOBATA: A Mystic Weaponsmith in the Protectors. He was considered one of the greatest smiths in his hometown, and was recruited by Hakuun Eishu to serve in the Protectors.

 HAKUUN EISHU: The founder and current commander of the Versun sector of the Protectors.